The Ecolateral way

Our history

Roughly 20 years ago in the regional South Australian town of Murray Bridge a small shop popped up seemingly out of nowhere. Ahead of its time this shop introduced the tools and resources to help aspiring eco-warriors of the time to walk the journey of reduce, reuse and recycle.

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The criteria we use to choose our products:


  • Is it cruelty free/vegan?
  • Is it sustainably sourced?
  • Does it come with zero waste packaging? eg. no (or limited plastic), glass, bamboo, cardboard, metal
  • Is it locally sourced? If not, what is the country of origin and how far does it have to travel to get to us?
  • Is it ethically made?
  • Is it interesting and/or unique?
  • Is it reusable, and will it replace single use items?
  • Is it beneficial for the environment?
  • Is it made from recycled materials?
  • Can it be easily recycled?
  • Does the manufacturer/supplier have an environmental policy?
  • Does the supply chain have a low environmental impact?

curated products

Our products are carefully selected to ensure they strictly support the sustainable use of our earth’s resources while possessing quality and style for today’s modern living.


Ecolateral is one of Australia’s longest running retailers specifically devoted to the supply of good quality, eco-friendly, sustainable products. Through our social media and mailing list we also provide our customers with up-to-date, factual information and services that will assist their individual and cooperative efforts to take greater care of our planet.

Our overriding reason for being is to educate, inspire and motivate as many people as possible to care for the world we live in. We exist to deliver alternative earth friendly products and methods that can be incorporated into the daily lives of our customers without compromising their desire for a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

We try and match products to these criteria wherever possible. In many cases products will fit many, but not all of the criteria. For instance, Onya produce bags are made from plastic however that plastic is recycled drink bottles and is recyclable. They are reusable, replace single use plastic produce bags, and are packaged in recycled cardboard packaging.

The environmental impact of our business operations is in the forefront of our mind. Retail is a resource heavy industry, from the manufacturing of goods, to their transport, packing and back-office support. We are consistently reviewing our systems and processes to further reduce our carbon footprint and increase our environmental sustainability.

Meet the team


Atalya works at our MAGILL store as a casual to help out on our busy Saturdays. As the youngest member of our team she has BIG concerns for the future, especially relating to the topic of the planet having a clean future. She would love to see less pollution in the environment and would love to see people (and Governments) step up and become more efficient in recycling.


If it is super bright, shiny or fluoro in colour and in an op shop then Phoenix will find it. As a passionate millennial Phoenix believe we can be better at being more compassionate to ourselves, each other and the planet. They work behind the scenes in our HQ at MAGILL helping to keep our accounts and stock receiving/distribution on track.


Born and raised an Eco-Warrior, Eilish has been loving guided by her passionate hippy mum to tread lightly upon the Earth. Eilish now carries the same gentle foot and is a passionate advocate of the zero-waste lifestyle. She has amazing product knowledge and can answer some of the most challenging environmental and product related questions. Eilish wants to help people learn to live more with less. She is a great resource of knowledge based in our BLACKWOOD store, and is super excited to help you on your Journey.


Em first became interested in environmental issues when researching the damaging chemicals that are added to food and food systems. She believes that our society should be very focused on the environment as it is our most valuable asset, one that provides us with quality of life and existence. Emily is most passionate about organics and waste as she understands that how food is grown and produced has a major impact on the quality of our health, land, water ways, and air. Emily is an invaluable member of our BRIGHTON store team.

Jamie Stott | CEO Ecolateral


Jamie has been concerned for the health of our little blue marble for some time now. She became vegan six years ago after learning of the environmental, health and ethical reasons for doing so. She has also been working towards a zero-waste lifestyle for the past few years and has become very passionate about it. Jamie works from our MAGILL store and loves that every day she gets to help equip people with the tools and resources to be more eco-friendly.


The Queen of the Green Clean, Katharine is a modern day hippy at heart. She is passionate about chemical-free cleaning and is an incredible resource on how to clean anything and everything using only natural products. A very proud greenie and with a heart of gold, Katharine knows just about everything you need to know about taking the first steps to a greener lifestyle. She loves sharing details about new products with the customers of our BLACKWOOD store.


This self-confessed Queen of Consumerism started on the eco-warrior pathway when she saw the impact her choices were making on the environment. Wanting to leave the planet a better place for her children, Kimberley started making the steps to change her life. Bit by bit she has made the changes in her own life to make sure she and her children tread lightly on the planet. With that it was a natural step to buy in to an eco-friendly business to help others and the environment. Kimberley is passionate about helping others live their best eco lives but while still maintain the eco-glam.


Naomi joined the Ecolateral MAGILL team in 2019. She is a plastic free crusader and teaches a WEA sustainability course in her spare time. What got her focussed on environmental issues was noticing an increasing amount of litter on the roads when she was out and about. Naomi is most passionate about the unnecessary consumerism, as well as the pointless packaging on most products. Don't get her started on hot cross buns that come in a blister pack. Actually ... do!


Robyn has been a valued member of the Ecolateral team for nearly five years and is our longest serving team member. She stayed on in our MAGILL store to work for the new owners and helps keep our back end systems and website running smoothly. As a mum Robyn understands the challenges of running an eco-friendly household and would love to see society get better at making more mindful decisions about their homes and consumer choices.