Picture of an environmentally friendly reusable shopping bag made from natiral materials laying on its side with fruits and vegetables spilling from it

Winning The War On Waste At Home

The amount of waste sent to landfill has always been a concern to me.  The first significant change for our household was when we started recycling our food waste via the green organics bin. However, after watching the first...

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image of a lady standing in a market garden holding a wooden crate filled with fresh produce

How Reducing Food Waste Is Good For Your Waistline

When it comes to watching your waistline watching your household waste could be the perfect place to start.  Reducing food waste can mean better health outcomes for you and your family, not to mention the planet. There is definitely...

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Image of zero waste christmas gift wrapping scene. Female hands pack gift wrapped in burlap. Eco friendly products laid out on table

How to Have a Sustainable Holiday Season

The end of year holiday season has the potential to be one of the most unsustainable periods of the year for households. Guest blogger Karen Murphy shares some of her best ideas for ensuring you can reduce food waste...

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image showing 6 bins of various colours being used as a waste separation system. The bins contain plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles, and cardboard respectively

Join the #LesstoLandfill Challenge

We are doing the #LesstoLandfill Challenge in our house at the moment, so we only put our landfill bin kerbside when it’s either full or smelly and so far it has not seen the kerb this year. I would...

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Introducing Sustainability in the Workplace

SUSTAINABILITY ARTICLE FOR THE WEEKENDER HERALD BY LIDDY DOLMAN  FEBRUARY 2014 ‘INTRODUCING SUSTAINABILITY IN THE WORKPLACE’ When speaking to people about sustainability I find there are many who are living rewarding, sustainable lives privately but are reluctant to introduce...

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How to Help Others Take the Sustainability Path

SUSTAINABILITY ARTICLE FOR THE WEEKENDER HERALD BY LIDDY DOLMAN  JANUARY 2014 ‘HOW TO HELP OTHERS TAKE THE SUSTAINABILITY PATH’ What inspires me at Ecolateral every day is discussing environmental issues and the overall topic of sustainability with our customers in...

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