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How to Help Others Take the Sustainability Path



What inspires me at Ecolateral every day is discussing environmental issues and the overall topic of sustainability with our customers in the shop, the pupils at a school talk, the visitors to a festival we are participating in or the members of a like-minded association that we are involved in.  Sharing knowledge is a powerful tool in our efforts to build sustainable communities and we can all take part.

Leading by example is of course the most important thing you can do to encourage others to take the sustainability path. Share your knowledge with family and friends about the benefits of your actions without seeming like you are lecturing or judging their points of view.

Become involved in local groups who are working towards improving the environment and sustainability eg:

Encourage a number of achievable sustainable activities at your children’s school, your workplace and any other activity that you are involved in eg:

  • Introduce the Bokashi Food Waste Management System at the local school or workplace.
  • Encourage the introduction of a recycling bin system in the workplace – contact to find out more.
  • Put forward a proposal to workplace management highlighting the benefits of setting up a ‘green team’ to develop and implement a workplace sustainability plan and offer to assist in the process.
  • Invite your family and friends to a fashion swap party, a growing trend in the eastern states.
  • Show off your gorgeous organically grown tomatoes to encourage others to have a go at growing their own.

The unprecedented growth in electronic media has provided a powerful platform to share environmental information that encourages thought and discussion. Use it to display new products you have found that provide you with a solution to an environmental need that may motivate others to take action. 

I heard a sentence recently that resonated with me that I felt could be used in many situations but works perfectly for this topic. “We are all teachers and we are all learners, so share what you know with others and you might just be rewarded by discovering something new yourself!”


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