BioBag – Fully biodegradable and compostable

BioBag is an Australian company that has created a compostable alternative to plastic bin liners and waste bags. The range of BioBag products have been designed to break down anywhere oxygen and microorganisms exist. BioBag products are made from plant-based materials, making them safe to be disposed of in either the household green bin at your home and your compost bin. The materials used to create each BioBag do not leave behind microplastics when they break down.

The BioBag range has been thoughtfully created to help you reduce your use of plastic in many aspects of your life.  The BioBag range includes garbage bags, compost bin liners, dog-waste bags, food storage bags, and even compost caddies.

You can take the steps towards a plastic free and waste free home by making a few simple switches with BioBag.

What is Biobag made from?

All BioBag products are made from a compostable resin that uses plant-based substances such as corn starch.  All materials used are natural to ensure they are environmentally sustainable and compostable.

Do BioBags breakdown in home composting systems?

A BioBag can breakdown easily in your home composting system, usually around the same rate as your food scraps, taking a few weeks to do so. They also breakdown at normal composting temperatures, not requiring additional heat to help them breakdown.

Why choose a BioBag compost liner and caddy for your home composting system?

BioBag composting caddies and bin liners have been designed to allow the food scraps in your composting system to breakdown fast and safely.  The vents of the caddy, combined with the compostable breathable bags allow air to enter your composting caddy and dry out the food scraps rather than retain moisture and develop mould. This also reduces food waste smells.

What happens to a BioBag in landfill?

If a BioBag makes its way to a landfill rather than a green bin, it will still break down into organic matter. The timeframe in which the bag breaks down may vary due to the temperatures and conditions, however, due to the plant-based materials each BioBag is made of it only needs oxygen and microorganisms to break down and doesn’t leave behind any microplastics.

Is a BioBag as strong as a plastic bag?

The strength of a BioBag is comparable to a standard polyethylene plastic bag, with technology continuously improving its strength.

How long do BioBags last?

If stored correctly BioBags should last for up to 12 months.  To ensure they last this long, they should be kept in a cool, dry place in your home.

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