Bokashi composting systems

A bokashi composting system allows you to responsibly dispose of organic food matter without resorting to landfill even when you don’t have space for a compost bin. The bokashi composting system has been developed to help you create rich and nourishing compost from your household food scraps.

Utilising beneficial bacteria, this natural composting method ferments food waste without producing unpleasant odours that are usually associated with composting systems. The bokashi method breaks down organic matter up to 10 times faster than traditional composting.

The system has been carefully designed to be able to be used in your kitchen, laundry, or wherever you prefer in your home.  It is small, convenient, and when used correctly will not smell nor attract insects.

How do I use a Bokashi composting system?

The bokashi bin is simple to use.  All you need to do is add your food waste to the bin, along with a sprinkle of the Bokashi composting mix, and ensure you place the bin lid on tightly to seal the bin. For each layer of food waste that you add to the bin, you should add a sprinkle of the bokashi composting mix – around one tablespoon for every cup of food waste. Bokashi composting mix is available in 1kg or 4kg bags. 1kg will last an average household about 3-4 weeks.

Approximately once a week, squash the waste down to ensure it is tightly packed in, this helps to reduce the amount of air present in the bin. We recommend sourcing an old potato masher from the op shop to do this.

Throughout the fermentation process, your bin will produce liquid, referred to as Bokashi juice. Your Bokashi bin has a tap at the base to allow you to drain the Bokashi juice. Bokashi juice will usually develop from around a week after you’ve started the Bokashi composting process.

Dilute the Bokashi juice by adding 30ml to 10L of water to fertilise your plants.

Once your bokashi bin is full you can dispose of the food waste to continue the composting process – the best way to do this is by burying the Bokashi waste in your garden.

Once you have emptied your Bokashi bin by burying the waste, clean the bin with soap and water, or a natural cleaner and you can begin the process again.

How do I bury the Bokashi waste?

Burying is simple, all you need to do is dig a hole or trench around 20-30cm deep, put the Bokashi waste in the hole, mix in a little soil and then cover completely with soil. This waste will help to feed and enrich the soil around it.

Keep in mind that the Bokashi waste is acidic at first, so it’s best it doesn’t come in direct contact with plants. It does neutralise after 7-10 days of being buried. So, it’s best to wait around two weeks after you’ve buried the waste before using it with plants.

What do I do with Bokashi juice?

The amount of juice produced by your Bokashi composting system will vary each time, as it is dependent on the types of food you are putting in there – for example, fruits and vegetables contain more water than other foods, which will create more juice in your Bokashi bin.

The juice produced by your Bokashi bin is a strong and nutrient rich liquid fertiliser. If you have plants, ensure that you dilute the juice with water and do not apply directly to the foliage of your plants.

What can I put in the Bokashi bin?

Almost all food waste can go in the Bokashi bin including dairy products, meat, fish, eggshells, onions, and processed foods. Avoid adding large bones and liquid waste into your Bokashi bin and minimise the amount of mouldy food you add to the bin.

Large pieces of food waste should be chopped into smaller sizes to allow easier break down of the food waste.

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