Food & Health

When you nurture your health, you can make eco-friendly choices that help to nurture the health of the Earth too. We’re here to help you make those choices today.

Food, Health & Wellness

Discover how you can nurture your health through our range of vegan-friendly snacks, organic beverages, and health care products made from natural ingredients and materials. Our range has been carefully selected to ensure we’re providing you with healthy and sustainable options to suit your needs. Keep reading to find out more about our range of eco-friendly food and health products.

Vegan-friendly snacks

Snacking without the guilt? It’s possible with our selection of vegan-friendly foods. Our range includes vegan-friendly snacks as well as gluten free options, that have been ethically made. Take for instance our fair-trade chocolate range. A favourite for many, you can most certainly remove the snacking guilt when you opt for a vegan and eco-friendly block of chocolate.

It’s not only the snacks we keep on hand – we’ve got what you need to make your own vegan-friendly snacks at home. You can grow your own veggies and herbs with our grow kits, or you can try your hand at making your own nut milk, we’ve got what you need to get started. Up your eco-friendly snack game today.

Organic Teas

Nothing soothes the soul like a warm cup of tea, especially freshly brewed organic tea. Nurture your inner tea connoisseur by shopping our range of organic teas. We’ve got loose leaf tea, tea bags, and all the brewing accessories you need to make your next cuppa today.

Whether you prefer black tea, herbal teas, or you want to try something new, our range has you covered. Shop loose-leaf tea caddies or try a bit of everything with a tea sampler pack – you’re bound to find something that will add a little calm and a lot of flavour to your day here.

Make your coffee habit more eco friendly

For many of us, that Cuppa Joe first thing in the morning is a habit we won’t be giving up any time soon. And while many of us have tried to improve our environmental footprint by using eco-friendly reusable coffee cups – there are still other ways we can make our morning coffee fix even more eco-friendly.

This is where our range of reusable coffee pods, capsules, and filters comes in. Our range has options that are compatible with a variety of at-home coffee machines including Nespresso. By switching to a reusable coffee capsule or pod, you will not only reduce your household waste output, but also be able to retain full creative control of your coffee fix. Be your own eco-friendly barista today with reusable coffee accessories.

Natural Remedies to fix what ails you

Protecting your health can come in many forms, and here at Ecolateral, we believe that natural is best. We work hard to provide you with a range of health care products that have been ethically made using natural ingredients.

Our range incorporates balms, rubs, oils, creams, mists, and many other organic options suitable for a variety of needs. Whether you’re aiming alleviate minor ailments, aches, pains, or irritations, you can do so naturally.

In addition to natural remedies and treatments, we’ve also got accessories to help you use them. Shop organic & biodegradable cotton buds, cotton balls, wipes, and hypoallergenic compostable adhesive strips to keep your family protected from unnecessary chemicals & illnesses.

Stop the spread – naturally

Cleaning and sanitising have always been important, and now it is more important than ever. Luckily for us, we can do this without having to use harsh and irritating chemicals in our homes and on ourselves. Warding off illness, infection and bacteria can be done hygienically using cleaning products and sanitisers made from natural ingredients.

At Ecolateral, we want you to feel confident that you are protected from the spread of germs and illness, and we want to help you do so in an eco-friendly way. Our range of hand sanitisers, reusable face masks, antibacterial wipes, surface sprays and disinfectants are carefully selected to ensure environmentally friendly and biodegradable ingredients have been used to create them. Your health and the health of the world can be protected when you use our range of eco-friendly cleaning and sanitising products.

Why shop with Ecolateral for eco friendly food and health care products?

At Ecolateral we aim to educate, inspire, and make it simple to lead a lifestyle that reduces your environmental impact on the world. We do this by sourcing products that have been made with the health of the Earth in mind. Our eco-friendly range incorporates items that are reusable, compostable, recyclable, or made from recycled materials to help you make more sustainable decisions.  We support local manufacturing where we can and love Australian made products.

It is easy to shop vegan-friendly foods and eco-friendly health care products from Ecolateral. You can shop online or instore at one of our 3 locations in South Australia – Blackwood, Magill & Brighton.  We offer Click & Collect, AfterPay, as well as Australia-Wide and New Zealand shipping, with free shipping options available.