Home & Garden

Make your home more sustainable and reduce your environmental impact with our range of eco friendly home and garden products.

Sustainable and waste-free products for the home

At Ecolateral we provide you with solutions that help make your homes more sustainable and as waste-free as possible, ultimately helping you reduce your environmental impact.

As part of our Home & Garden collection, we offer you eco-friendly everyday & products to make each room of your home more sustainable and better for the earth. Shop natural & biodegradable cleaning and laundry products; eco-friendly pet care products; gear to make your garden green in more ways than one; and reusable & compostable kitchenware.

Switch to natural cleaning and laundry products

Many cleaning products in our homes contain harsh chemicals that are not only less than ideal for humans to handle, but they also have a detrimental effect on the world around us.

Our range of natural cleaning products are as effective as their chemical-laden counterparts and have been made to be biodegradable, recyclable & compostable, with many made from recycled materials as well – making them a far safer alternative.

Many people suffer from skin sensitivities, and chemical-free, natural cleaning products are a great low-irritant alternative.

Our range of natural disinfectants, laundry detergents, dishwashing powder & surface cleaners are complemented by cleaning brushes, wipes & sponges made from natural materials. We also have what you need to manage your household waste responsibly with compostable waste bags & bin liners.

Reduce the use of toxins and chemicals in your home by making the switch to eco-cleaning products.

Make the garden greener with eco friendly gardening products

Can your garden get any greener? With a little help, it certainly can. Our eco-friendly garden care products include gardening tools made from natural materials, grow kits to get your green thumb going, and composting kits and worm farms to help you dispose of household waste, like food scraps, naturally.

If you are one to spend time outside, especially during warm summer nights, we’ve got insect and bug repellents that have been made from natural ingredients. Free from harsh chemicals, such as DEET, the natural insect repellents we stock at Ecolateral have been designed to deter insects rather than killing them. You can feel safe knowing that neither your skin nor any insects are absorbing dangerous chemicals.

Take care of the four-legged friends with eco friendly pet care

Caring for our pets can be just as eco-friendly as caring for ourselves. That’s why we offer a variety of organic & sustainable pet care products that are suitable for our four-legged friends. Our range of organic pet grooming products includes shampoos, conditioners, and brushes that are made from natural materials and can handle cleaning your pets, no matter what they get into.

Walking the dog can also be even greener with collars and leads made from recycled materials, and compostable waste bags. So, why not make caring for your pet eco-friendly today?

Sustainable kitchens – food storage, cooking and baking

Cooking, baking and food preparation can be eco-friendly. Reusable and versatile materials like silicone help you to reduce the use of single use materials like plastic wrapping and baking paper, which ultimately helps you to reduce your overall household waste. Its durable nature means silicone products are safe to use in ovens, freezers, and dishwashers.

Keep your cookware chemical free with Neoflam cooking products. Made from natural materials like sand and stone, each piece of the Neoflam cookware range has been designed to be practical, long-lasting, and safe. Like silicone, Neoflam is versatile, being oven, fridge, and dishwasher safe.

Reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill by switching from single use plastics to environmentally friendly reusable options. Wrap up leftovers and lunches with food wraps made from silicone, plant-based wax, cotton, paper bags or biodegradable freezer bags. There are many reusable products you can use in your kitchen that will make your home not only more environmentally friendly, but also safer for you and your family. Add reusable pouches, stainless-steel lunchboxes, and produce bags made from recycled materials to your home today.

Why shop with Ecolateral to make your home eco friendlier?

At Ecolateral we aim to educate, inspire, and make it simple to lead a lifestyle that reduces your environmental impact on the world. We do this by sourcing products that have been made with the health of the Earth in mind. Our eco-friendly range incorporates items that are reusable, compostable, recyclable, or made from recycled materials to help you make more sustainable decisions.  We support local manufacturing where we can and love Australian made products.

It is easy to shop sustainable cooking, cleaning, and household products from Ecolateral. You can shop online or instore at one of our 3 locations in South Australia – Blackwood, Magill & Brighton.  We offer Click & Collect, AfterPay, as well as Australia-Wide and New Zealand shipping, with free shipping options available.