Reusable Straws

Though they may be small, single-use plastic straws can have disastrous consequences for the environment and animals.  Usually made from plastic that is not biodegradable or recyclable, single use straws can take up to 200 years to break down in landfill.

However, it’s not just plastic on the land that becomes a problem, straws commonly make their way into waterways and oceans.  Plastic straws contribute to waste that accumulates in the water which forms larger masses that can entrap and damage the development of animals.  Just as worryingly, this plastic waste can be easily ingested by marine wildlife and birds.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to reusable sustainable straws, learn more about them here.

What are sustainable straws made of?

Reusable straws can be made from a variety of different materials.  Most commonly, you will see the following types of reusable straws made of:

Bamboo straws – A great alternative to plastic, bamboo straws are reusable and easy to clean, using a straw cleaning brush and a small amount of dishwashing liquid.

Though they aren’t as long lasting as some other materials, they are surprisingly long-lasting and as a bonus, bamboo straws are 100% biodegradable at the end of their lifespan.

Glass straws – Glass straws are a popular alternative to plastic straws. Though more delicate than other sustainable straw options, glass straws are long-lasting and easy to clean.

Stainless steel straws – The most popular alternative to single-use straws, stainless steel straws are lightweight and more durable than other reusable straw materials. Stainless steel straws will not rust or corrode and can be recycled at the end of their long lifespan.

Silicone straws – Silicone straws are made from food grade silicone that is chemical and toxin free. Being lightweight, flexible, and able to be folded, silicone straws are durable and easily transported. They are soft against your teeth and palette.

What are the different types of reusable straws?

It’s not only the materials that differ when it comes to reusable straws, there are different widths and styles available depending on your preferences.

The ideal width of your straw relates to your preferred beverages. Choose straws with a wider diameter for drinks like smoothies, bubble tea, and shakes. For most other beverages, a standard diameter straw will be appropriate.

The other preference you need to take into consideration when making the switch to reusable straws is whether you prefer straight or bent straws.  It really is a personal preference.  A straight straw is easier to clean than a bent one, however, with straw cleaning brushes available, cleaning a bent straw is simple.

Are reusable straws safe to use?

Reusable sustainable straws are completely safe to use – the options we have available at Ecolateral are made from food grade materials making them long-lasting and toxin free.

While they are safe to use, reusable straws do take some getting used to. Many of us are used to chewing on a straw every now and then, so it’s important to be careful when using stainless steel and/or glass straws. You can protect your teeth and mouth from sharp edges and harder materials by purchasing a straw with a silicone tip. Though high-quality stainless-steel straws feature rounded edges to avoid causing damage.

Like single use plastic straws, it’s important to be careful when you’re actually using the straw, don’t drink whilst on the move. This will help you avoid any accidents.

Ensure that you are supervising any children who may be using a reusable straw.

How to clean reusable straws?

Sustainable straw kits include a cleaning brush, or you can purchase cleaning brushes separately from Ecolateral. With a small amount of dishwashing liquid, water, and the cleaning brush, it is easy to keep your reusable straws clean.

It’s important to clean your reusable straws after each use because any small amount of food waste can spread germs and bacteria, just like on any food dish.

We recommend hand washing, however, most reusable straw types are also dishwasher safe, including stainless steel straws. Just be careful as they can still be warm after the cycle has finished.

Are reusable straws safe to use with hot drinks?

You can drink both hot and cold beverages with reusable straws, though you should exercise caution like you would with any hot drinks.

Take the packaging into consideration

If you’re choosing to make a change to use reusable straws, then the last thing you want is for your new straws to be wrapped in single use plastic packaging. At Ecolateral, the products we choose to sell are ethically and sustainably sourced with the intention of not only helping you lead an eco-friendlier lifestyle by using the product, but to have access to products that have little to no waste from packaging.

You will see this throughout our entire range and our collection of reusable straws and cleaning brushes is no exception.

If you’re looking to make the switch to a more sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle, Ecolateral is here to help.

Shopping for reusable straws with Ecolateral

At Ecolateral we aim to educate, inspire, and make it simple to lead a lifestyle that reduces your environmental impact on the world. We do this by sourcing products that have been made with the health of the Earth in mind. Our eco-friendly range incorporates items that are reusable, compostable, recyclable, or made from recycled materials to help you make more sustainable decisions.  We support local manufacturing where we can and love Australian made products.

It is easy to shop reusable straws and cleaning brushes from Ecolateral. You can shop online or instore at one of our 3 locations in South Australia – Blackwood, Magill & Brighton.  We offer Click & Collect, AfterPay, as well as Australia-Wide and New Zealand shipping, with free shipping options available.