Go Green 2019

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We believe that going green is not just about doing right by the planet. Going Green can be a life altering experience!

This is why we are launching GO GREEN 2019.

If you’re wanting to make changes but don’t really know where to start we can completely relate. (And if you’re a seasoned eco-warrior we could use your help!)

why should I go green in 2019?


We’ve been there.

Both Kimberley and I have both been through the stage of feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed not knowing where to start.

We knew we had to change, and even aspired to be zero-waste but it all seemed too big … too … hard, and too time-consuming.

The solutions seemed expensive and difficult to implement, and we really questioned whether one person/community/country could actually make a difference.

But one thing we didn’t understand at the time was that the smallest of changes can still have a big impact, and in the long run choosing to be sustainable did make a difference and was actually better for the household budget.

We see people come into our Eco-Shop in Adelaide facing the same challenge, wanting to make changes but just not knowing where to start.

We’ve been listening in-store and through our social media channels about your frustrations and your desire to be more environmentally friendly. We’ve listened to how overwhelmed you’ve felt and how you really DO want to do more to look after the environment. We’ve heard your concerns about the cost of switching over, and your pain about not really knowing where to start.

So that’s why we put together GO GREEN 2019, a free 12-step program designed to take people on the journey from being eco-impacters to zero-wasters.’

So what is GO GREEN 2019?

Go Green 2019 is a cost-effective way to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle while learning why and how your small changes can have a huge positive impact on the environment.

Our goal is to provide a simple formula designed to help you overcome the overwhelm, and encourage you to take action by making one small change per month.

And through this, we sincerely hope you are able to experience a happier, healthier and more connected life as many people discovered when they undertake the journey toward sustainability.

We would like to invite you to join the free GO GREEN 2019 journey and make this next year your greenest year so far.

Each month we will send you an email which will be focussed on one small change you can make that month. We will explain why that particular issue is important and how you making a change will reap positive benefits for the environment.

We have a special Facebook support group where you can ask questions and share your experiences as you start making a positive difference and we will provide monthly prizes to a few lucky active participants of GO GREEN 2019.

“Sounds great Jamie, how do I get started?”

All you need to do is head on over to wastenotwantnot.com.au/go-green-2019/ and subscribe there. You’ll get an intro email and in a few days we will kick off with our first Go Green 2019 email for you. Follow the steps and you’ll be joining a growing community of people making a difference.

And that’s it =)

2019 could be the greenest year ever for you, or you could just keep doing what you’re doing and keep putting off the positive change you know needs to happen.

The choice is yours, and we sincerely hope you’ll choose to join us to change things for the good

Jamie and Kimberley

ps. If you’re already well along your journey of eco-responsibility please join the Go Green 2019 Facebook group and help us help the people just starting out. TIA <3

Go Green 2019

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