Lets Talk About Stainless Steel Pegs

Remember when your plastic pegs got so weathered and brittle they would just snap in your hand, and how the wooden ones would simply fall apart?

Aaaah…that was before you restocked with the queen of all peg systems – stainless steel pegs!

But I can hear some of you exclaim from here, “…we are still dealing with pegs that are falling apart!”

Well, my friendly eco-warriors, I’m afraid you are missing out. When you invest in good quality stainless steel pegs you’ll never have to put up with sub-standard pegs again. 316 marine grade stainless steel pegs wound from a single piece 2mm wire are the answer to just about every peg dilemma you could have.

Steel pegs are strong, reliable and fit-for-purpose, you can bring on the wind and the heavy-weight wash and they will still hold their metal. (Scuse the pun).

That is why, along with a host of other sustainability reasons, we only stock 316 marine grade stainless steel pegs. Except for the fabulous stainless steel sock hanger. The sock hanger is a complex, but very handy little beast made of 201 grade-steel.

201 grade-steel will rust outside in the weather, so beware, our Sock Hanger is only for inside drying.

Which brings us to a warning!

Be Wary Of Cheap Metal Pegs

In recent times some of the discount supermarkets have been flooding the market with metal pegs claiming them to be “marine grade” stainless steel when in reality, when independently lab tested (commissioned by an Adelaide based peg importer), the pegs turned out to be the inferior quality 201 grade stainless steel and made with a narrow guage wire. When left out in the weather 201 grade stainless steel will rust, and rust stains are very hard to remove from your clothes and fabrics. So for outside drying we will only ever recommend using genuine 316 marine grade steel from a trusted source.

As they say, the poor person pays twice, but when you pay twice so does the environment. Poor quality pegs of any material don’t last, wasting both manufacturing resources and minerals, increasing the carbon footprint of your laundry and creating more waste when they break.

316 marine grade stainless steel pegs made from a 2mm wire can literally be an heirloom you pass on to the kids. Even if you live near the sea, or use salty bore water, 316 grade stainless won’t corrode.  How good is that? We’ve even had customers use their That Red House stainless steel pegs on their boat at sea!

And even if a mishap does happen, you know, the lawn mower runs over the peg basket, or the kids decide to use a peg or two for hammer practice … they are fully recyclable. A waste problem beaten. High five!

Jamie Stott | CEO Ecolateral

Jamie is a passionate environmentalist and the CEO of Ecolateral, one of Australia’s longest running eco-retailers. Jamie loves that every day she helps equip people with the tools and resources to live more sustainable lives.