Our Team

Jamie from Ecolateral


Jamie has been concerned for the health of our little blue marble for some time now. She became vegan six years ago after learning of the environmental, health and ethical reasons for doing so. She has also been working towards a zero-waste lifestyle for the past few years and has become very passionate about it. Therefore it was a natural step to buy Waste Not Want Not to begin guiding others on their journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. She loves that every day she gets to help equip people with the tools and resources to be more eco-friendly. A gentle and kind person Jamie loves helping others to lead their best green lives.


This self-confessed Queen of Consumerism started on the eco-warrior pathway when she saw the impact her choices were making on the environment. Wanting to leave the planet a better place for her children, Kimberley started making the steps to change her life. Bit by bit she has made the changes in her own life to make sure she and her children tread lightly on the planet. With that it was a natural step to buy in to an eco-friendly business to help others and the environment. Kimberley is passionate about helping others live their best eco lives but while still maintain the eco-glam.

Eilish from Ecolateral Blackwood


Born and raised an Eco-Warrior, Eilish has been loving guided by her passionate hippy mum to tread lightly upon the Earth. Eilish now carries the same gentle foot and is a passionate advocate of the zero-waste lifestyle. She has amazing product knowledge and can answer some of the most challenging environmental and product related questions. Eilish wants to help people learn to live more with less. She is a great resource of knowledge based in our BLACKWOOD store, and is super excited to help you on your Journey.


The Queen of the Green Clean, Katherine is a modern day hippy at heart. She is passionate about chemical-free cleaning and is an incredible resource on how to clean anything and everything using only natural products. A very proud greenie and with a heart of gold, Katherine knows just about everything you need to know about taking the first steps to a greener lifestyle. She loves sharing details about new products with the customers of our BLACKWOOD store.


Robyn has been a valued member of the Ecolateral team for four years. She stayed on in our MAGILL store to work for the new owners .


Naomi joined the EcoLateral MAGILL team in 2019. She is a plastic free crusader and teaches a WEA sustainability course in her spare time.


Atalya recently joined our MAGILL team as a casual to help out on our busy Saturdays.


Affectionately known as our Director of Stock and Storage Beck works behind the scenes in our MAGILL store managing all of our income stock and distributing it between our three stores.

Tristan (Website team)

Graphic designer Tristan has noticed how dramatically way the environment has changed deep in the mountains of his native Philippines where he likes to trek. Last time he was out his group took home two sacks of rubbish from what was supposed to be a pristine landscape. It has been very disturbing for him to see how fast the environment is losing the battle against pollution, and at how blind people seem to be about the impact we are having. Plastic pollution, mining and illegal logging have wreaked havoc though the wilderness of his home country. He is delighted to be working with the team on a project that helps spread the message of being environmentally responsible.

New Team Member – is this you?


New Team Member – is this you?


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