4M Green Science Weather Science Kit


  • Helps to understand how weather works
  • Make clouds in the palm of your hand
  • Study the greenhouse effect and acid rain
  • Ages 8+

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  • Vegan


Experiment with static electricity that causes lightning, make clouds in your palm, build a desktop water cycle model, watch air currents that produce wine, and study the greenhouse gas effect and acid rain.

This Weather Science kit from the 4M Green Science series has many exciting activities to help you understand how our weather works.

Recommended for 8 years and above, and adult supervision is required.

Items from around the home required (not included in kit): a glass, some potting soil, some beans, a pencil, a plastic bottle and a desk lamp (in case there is no sunshine!) and an alcoholic drink. Ask the adult in your home to help you gather these extra items.

Please note: Most science kits usually include plastic and materials that could exclude them from our “environmentally friendly” buying criteria. However, we make these STEM (Sience Technology Engineering Mathematics) kits available because we believe that in the age of fake news and pseudo-science it is important to encourage the development of critical thinking skills and a healthy understanding of the scientific process. Once you have finished we invite you return the pieces of the kit that aren’t readily recycled in kerbside recycling for specialised recycling.

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