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Brush Dock Toothpaste & Toothbrush Holder for 4


  • Holds four toothbrushes & a tube of toothpaste
  • No more gross gunk in the bottom of the toothbrush cup!
  • Fits all shapes, sizes & brands of toothbrushes
  • Buy once, use forever


  • No Plastic/Low Plastic


The Brush Dock for 4 is the latest creation from the people who brought you The Original Block Dock Soap Dish. Never again will you have to clean out the bottom of the cup that has been holding your toothbrushes – that disgusting muck is gone for good!!

The Brush Dock for 4 easily holds four hanging items plus toothpaste. Toothbrushes simply hang in the small side slots. They’ll be happy whichever way you face them so pick what works best for you. The toothpaste tube simply slides (cap to the top) in and out of the centre, as your tube gets empty simply bend it up and slide it in folded. It’s SUPER EASY to use. If you use interdental brushes, the fold in the legs is there so you can store those on the ledge that’s created. The Brush Dock for 4 offers maximum airflow and minimal contact points ensuring your toothbrushes dry fast and hygienically.

Made from aluminium and powder-coated in hard-wearing, long-lasting non-toxic paint. The super light-weight construction makes it a great option to travel with. Where it really shines is everyday use in your home where it lessens bathroom counter clutter. Made to suit manual, handled toothbrushes, made from any material – although of course we recommend a bamboo toothbrush! The heads of your electric toothpaste can be stored in a Brush Dock for 4 too.

A transparent PVC suction cup is included for mounting on non-porous surfaces. It will easily stick to tiles, steel, glass, mirrors etc. Additional holes in the back make it possible to thread or screw your brush dock into place.

Dimensions: 5.4cm tall, 5cm deep and 8.5cm wide.

Installation Advice: The 60mm suction cup is solid and strong and once it suctions it will hold super tight. It cannot be described as delicate, but it does its job very well. It is best suited to glass, stainless steel and acrylic. It may leave a mark on release, which you can remove with cream cleanser. Do not use this super strong sucker on a more delicate surface.

Use a slide and twist motion to get the head of the suction cup through the Brush Dock’s keyhole. Then wet its back and place where you want it – push very firmly on the suction cup’s flat head toward the wall. Once it’s attached, if you want, rock the Brush Dock side-to-side, downward until the flat head is near the top of the keyhole. A bit of lather will help with the movement. It works perfectly fine sitting lower also. When you want to remove the Brush Dock from its location, just pull the wee tab on the suction cup or pick at the edge to break the suction.

To remove the suction cup from the Brush Dock you’ll find it easily pops out from the round part of the keyhole when you use a peeling motion with your thumb. The trick is to relax while you do it!

We recommend you regularly clean your brush docks with hot water while in the shower or at the sink and periodically re-moisten the suction cup and re-attach it to the surface.

Made in New Zealand.

Boxed by the team at Southland disAbility Enterprises, Invercargill, NZ.

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