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Ecyo Antibacterial Cleaning Pods, 3pk


  • Contains three concentrated cleaning pods
  • Each pod makes 500-750mL antibacterial spray
  • Plant based ingredients
  • Australian owned

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  • No Plastic/Low Plastic
    Palm Oil Free


Why pay for water with your cleaning products? Ecyo Antibacterial Cleaning Pods are an Australian innovation that will save on waste and save on space!

Directions: Simply add 1 pod into an empty spray bottle then half fill with warm water and swirl until diluted, fill the rest of the bottle with tepid water… and viola! It’s that easy. The pods fully dissolve in the water, leaving no residue.

Ecyo Antibacterial Cleaning Pods are proven to kill 99.9% of germs when mixed according to directions. Use this antibacterial spray to leave your home germ free while helping to save the planet.

This small pack of ecyo cleaning pods will make three bottles of antibacterial cleaning spray, up to 750mL size each – that’s well over two litres!

Each pack contains a label which can be added to your bottle at home. Once diluted we recommend you discard any unused contents after six months.

Bottle Size: We recommend a 500mL spray bottle, however Ecyo pods have been proven to work in up to 750mL of water. If you’d like a super concentrated spray you can use as little as 300mL of water per pod.


  • 3x Concentrated Ecyo Antibacterial Cleaning Pods
  • 1x Label

A fantastic idea on so many levels!! Avoid single-use plastic by reusing your old bottles. Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the need to ship water around the world, just ship small concentrated pods instead. Most importantly, they work! The diluted end result has been compared to major brands, with favourable results.

Pods are fully disolvable. The packaging is made from recycled card and is compostable and recyclable.

Made from a proprietary blend of plant based ingredients, consisting of >20% non-ionic plant-based surfactants and <1% phenoxyethanol with

  • Non-ionic plant-based surfactants (cleaning agent)
  • 2% Benzalkonium Chloride (kills the germs)
  • Perfume (90% naturally derived)
  • <1% Phenoxyethanol (preservative)

Australian owned and operated, made in China.

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