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EnviroSafe Moth Deterrent Cedar Rings, 12pk


  • Pack of 12 rings
  • Sustainable & FSC certified
  • Imparts a fresh scent to help deter moths naturally
  • chemical free, safe around people & pets

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  • Forest Friendly


EnviroSafe Moth Deterrent Cedar Rings are a safe, chemical-free alternative to mothballs and naphthalene. Made from sustainably sourced, FSC certified eastern US cedarwood. Cedar rings are placed on your hangers to impart a fresh fragrance in your wardrobe to help deter moths.

Primarily for use in wardrobes, cedar rings can also be placed in drawers, linen closets, suitcases and storage areas to impart protection and freshness. In addition to being a highly effective insect deterrent, cedar rings protect against mildew, mould and moisture with a fresh clean scent.

100% natural, sustainable and reusable, cedar rings are chemical free and safe around people and pets. Keep your winter woolies safe all summer long in storage. Place under furniture to protect woollen carpets. The uses are endless.

Directions for use: For best results, fabric should be clean before storage. Slide cedar rings over the hooks of your coat hangers. Place enough cedar rings so that you can smell the fragrance. Avoid direct contact with clothes – wrap cedar rings with tissue paper to separate.

When the scent begins to fade refresh your rings by lightly sanding the wood with sandpaper every 4-6 months. For best ongoing care and results, it is recommended to replace cedar rings every 10-12 months. Alternatively, renew your EnviroSafe Moth Deterrent Cedar Rings with a few drops of red cedar oil, available for separate purchase.

Warning: Choking hazard. Keep out of reach of small children and pets.

EnviroSafe are an Australian owned company. View our full range of natural insect repellents and moth deterrents, including cedarwood balls and blocks.

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