Ever Eco Safety Razor Stainless Steel Blades, 10pk Refill


  • Contains 10 double edge razor blades
  • Compatible with traditional double edge safety razors
  • Stainless steel for a clean, smooth shave
  • Recyclable at end of life

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  • No Plastic/Low Plastic


Ever Eco Safety Razor Stainless Steel Blades allow you to say goodbye to plastic waste and expensive blade refills! Enjoy a close, gentle shave without contributing to landfill. This refill pack of 10 double edge blades is compatible with all traditional double edge safety razors. We love the range from Parker or the Leaf Shave Pivoting Head Razor.

Suitable for use with traditional three piece head, butterfly head and barber’s razors. Instructions for changing blades will vary depending on your razor, please follow manufacturer’s instructions and be careful not to cut yourself. Each blade is individually wrapped in paper for your safety.

Materials: Stainless steel.

Caution: Always be careful, razor blades are sharp! Please use caution when handling Ever Eco Safety Razor Stainless Steel Blades. Keep them out of reach of children and dispose of used razor blades properly.

End of Life: We recommend the use of a Leaf Shave Blade Recycling Tin. Simply drop used blades into the tin until it is full. Once your blade recycling tin is full, you can return it to one of our stores to be recycled through our Terracycle razor recycling program. Alternatively, contact your local council or waste management facility to ask about options in your area.

Ever Eco have been striving to reduce single-use plastic waste on our planet since 2013. They firmly believe that little changes make a big difference and that living a low waste lifestyle shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. Choosing quality product that last will make our world a better place. Shop our range of Ever Eco products to find the next step on your zero-waste journey.

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