Mad Millie Gin Kit, makes 1L


  • Just add vodka to create your very own blend of homemade gin
  • Traditional recipe of juniper berries, coriander, liquorice root & citrus peels
  • Additional gin botanicals available so you can use your kit again

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Create your very own blend of homemade gin with the Mad Millie Gin Kit.

Botanical infused gin, with its beautiful golden hue, has been a classic beverage for hundreds of years. This kit contains everything you need to transform ordinary vodka into your own blend of London Dry style gin, using a combination of juniper berries, coriander, liquorice root and citrus peels.

Designed to be made in any kitchen, the Mad Millie Gin Kit contains everything you need. No specialised equipment or experience is required, just add 1L of vodka.


  • 1L infusion jar with lid
  • 2 x 500mL gin bottles with cork lids
  • stainless steel funnel
  • 2 x bottle labels
  • filter paper
  • traditional botanical blend
  • Instructions for use

Additional gin botanicals are available so you can use your kit again and again, experimenting with ingredients to achieve the artisan flavour you desire. 


  1. Pour the vodka into the 1L infusion jar.
  2. Add the blend of Mad Millie botanicals into the jar with the vodka.
  3. Gently stir then leave to steep for 48 hours so the botanicals can infuse.
  4. Fold the filter paper into quarters and open one fold to form a tight cone shape. Place into the funnel.
  5. Place the funnel into one of the 500mL bottles and slowly pour the freshly made gin into the funnel, making sure all the liquid is contained in the filter paper. Once full, repeat this filtration process with the second bottle. 
  6. The filtered liquid should be free of any botanical solids and display a lovely golden hue. Label and enjoy your handcrafted gin!

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