Neoflam Venn Roaster Pan, Small Yellow


  • Healthy ceramic-based Ecolon non-stick coating
  • The stylish design looks great, bake & serve in one pan!
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Dimensions: 36.5cm x 19.5cm x 7.2cm (L x W x H)

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  • No Plastic/Low Plastic


This Small Yellow Neoflam Venn Roaster Pan will quickly become a staple in your kitchen, an absolute workhorse. From roasting vegetables to baking deserts, this pan can do it all! Featuring high sides for roasting and baking, the Venn Roaster Pan looks so good, you can bake and serve in one pan!

Both stylish and practical, the Venn range of roasting pans from Neoflam like it hot! They are completely oven proof and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Please note that these roaster pans do not have heatproof handles, this allows them to take the heat, however we recommend the use of a set of silicone pot grabbers to protect your hands.

Made from die-cast aluminium with an Ecolon natural ceramic coating, this roasting pan is incredibly lightweight. The Small Yellow Neoflam Venn Roaster Pan is highly scratch resistant and non-stick both inside and out. You can easily clean up any dribbles of food on the outside. The angled walls make it easy to toss and turn your food as required. The thick base and thin walls provides high heat conductivity for even heat distribution. This ensures your food will taste its best, while being efficiently cooked using less energy.

An Ecolon natural non-stick coating is the healthy choice for non-stick cookware. A ceramic-based coating, mostly made of silicon dioxide (also known as silica), a hard, unreactive, colourless compound which occurs as the mineral quartz and as a principal constituent of natural elements such as sandstone and other rocks. The excellent quality non-stick coating allows you to use less oil while cooking for your health.

Completely toxin-free, Neoflam Venn Cookware does not contain PTFE, PFOA, Cadmium or Lead. The production process is carefully monitored to reduce carbon emissions.

Dimensions: 36.5cm x 19.5cm x 7.2cm (L x W x H)

Weight: 900g

Your new Small Yellow Neoflam Venn Roaster Pan comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Made in Korea.

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