Pelvi Leakproof Underwear, G-String


  • Holds up to 20mL of fluid
  • Suitable for menstruation or light bladder leakage
  • G-string style is sleek and conforms to your curves
  • simply machine wash, dry and re-use



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  • No Plastic/Low Plastic


Pelvi Leakproof Underwear combines soft comfortable fabrics with built-in, water resistant, absorbency liners to give you maximum leakproof protection that actually works all day!

A simple solution, Pelvi Leakproof Underwear holds up to 20ml of fluid, suitable for menstruation or light bladder leakage. We want to encourage open discussion about misbehaving bladders and vaginal health to help break taboos and educate.

At only 2.5mm thick, Pelvi leakproof underwear is slimmer than bulky pads. Four super absorbent layers wick moisture away, also drawing sweat and discharge away from the source to fight bacteria and keep you fresh. Using reusable leakproof underwear is healthier for your body than disposable, chemical-laden plastic pads and tampons. Anti-bacterial and breathable, no harsh chemicals or fibres.

Care Instructions: simply machine wash, dry and re-use.

This G-string style is sleek and conforms to your curves, so you can be confident and worry-free.

Absorbs 2.5 tampons of fluid.

Size Guide:

  • XS: Fits sizes 6-8 AU (Hips 35-36 inches)
  • S: Fits sizes 8-10 AU (Hips 37-38 inches)
  • M: Fits sizes 10-12 AU (Hips 39-40 inches)
  • L: Fits sizes 12-14 AU (Hips 41-42 inches)
  • XL: Fits sizes 14-16 AU (Hips 43-44 inches)

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