Simply Gentle Organic Paper Stem Cotton Buds, 200pk


  • Paper stems from FSC certified paper
  • 100% organic cotton tips
  • Contains approximately 200 buds per packet
  • Approved by the Soil Association, Global Organic Textile Standard

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  • Forest Friendly


Their fully biodegradable products make Simply Gentle the cotton wool brand of choice. Simply Gentle owes its superior softness to the carefully selected 100% cotton raw material. The products are suitable for skin care, baby care and household uses.

Contents: approximately 200 organic cotton tipped buds (FSC paper stems with 100% organic cotton tips).

Very toxic pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides are used in the farming of conventional cotton, amounting to 25% of global pesticide consumption. These not only cause considerable damage to farming communities and the environment, but also leave residues on the finished product. All Simply Gentle Organic products are 100% organic.

The Fair Trade certified organic cot­ton comes from small vil­lage farm­ing small hold­ers in Tan­zania, East Africa. The Tan­zanian farm­ers are given a guar­anteed mar­ket for their organic cot­ton at a premium price with pay­ment in cash. Cot­ton is the second most import­ant source of for­eign exchange for the coun­try after coffee.

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