That Red House Laundry Tonic, Sweet Orange 20mL


  • Add to the cotton bag that contains your soapberries
  • Adds a crisp orange citrus small to your washing
  • 100% sweet orange essential oil
  • Australian made

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  • Australian Made
    No Plastic/Low Plastic


A bold and cheeky scent, reminiscent of grandpa’s secret jar of boiled lollies, sure to appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is naturally antibacterial, and can be used for many cleaning applications, for example, use it to scent your laundry. Perfect for a natural, toxic free, and zero waste laundry routine!

Directions for Use: Simply add 4-5 drops of sweet orange laundry tonic to a small cotton wash bag of organic soapberries, throw in your washing machine drum with your laundry and wash on your usual cycle.

Ingredients: 100% sweet orange essential oil

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