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The Giddy Goat Reusable Bonbon Kit, 6pk


  • Contents makes six bonbons
  • Complete with cheesy jokes!
  • Add your own gifts to appeal to your guests
  • Handmade in Adelaide, SA

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  • Australian Made
    No Plastic/Low Plastic


Imagine a Christmas without all the waste??! It can be done! The Giddy Goat Reusable Bonbon Kit will get you one step closer.

Each kit contains:

  • 6x cardboard cylinders
  • 6x bon bon wraps which double as handy serviettes
  • 6x ‘snaps’ to give your bon bons a satisfying bit of bang
  • 6x appropriately cheesy jokes
  • 12x ribbon ties

All you need are some cute little gifts to enclose in each one. We suggest something useful or consumable that will be appreciated, rather than the generic plastic crap that tends to come in commercial bon bons. How about a pair of stainless steel pegs, a chocolate or homemade tasty treat, a little bottle of essential oil or roll on perfume… let your imagination run wild and choose gifts to suit your guests.

Instructions: Easy to assemble, lay your serviette on a flat surface with the folded hem facing up, place your chosen gift, joke and snap inside the cylinder ensuring the snap ends protrude equally from each side of the cylinder. Roll the cylinder up keeping the fabric taut and tie a ribbon at each end as close to the cylinder as possible.

Please note, The Giddy Goat Reusable Bonbon Kit comes in a range of “Christmassy” prints, your design will be chosen at random, each box contains a matching set of 6.

Refill sets including more ‘snaps’ and more cheesy jokes will be available in future so you can reuse your bonbons over and over again in years to come.

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