Urban Greens Seed Balls


  • Your choice of culinary delights or bee-utiful flowers
  • Each tin contains 20 balls
  • Balls contain seeds, compost, mineral clay & chilli powder
  • Carefully selected non-GMO seeds


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  • No Plastic/Low Plastic


Fill your garden with colourful, bee-friendly flowers or grow your own delicious fresh edibles with Urban Greens Seed Balls. Balls are made from carefully selected non-GMO seeds rolled in a special blend of rich compost for nutrients, mineral clay to protect the seeds from birds and insects and a sprinkle of chilli powder to deter snails and slugs.

A great gift for the green-thumb in your life, or just treat yourself and enjoy the satisfaction of watching something you have planted grow!

Contents: Each tin contains 20 balls, each ball has 10-50 seeds depending on the seed variety. Planting tips and instructions are also included. 

Urban Greens Seed Balls are available in your choice of seed varieties:

  • Leafy Greens Seed Balls are Mizuna, Rocket (or Loose Leaf Lettuce depending on season), Mustard Tendergreens and Chicory. Best planted late Spring to Autumn.
  • Kitchen Herb Seed Balls are Parsley, Basil, Chives and Coriander. Best planted Autumn to Spring.
  • Field of Poppies Seed Balls are Red Flanders, Double Mixed and Single Mixed Poppies. Best planted late Summer to Autumn.
  • Cottage Garden Seed Balls are Shirley Single Poppies, Dwarf Polka Dot Mix Cornflowers, Coreopsis and Nemesia. Best planted Spring to Autumn.
  • Bee Friendly Seed Balls are White Daisies, Californian Poppies, Schizanthus and Alyssum. Best planted Spring to Autumn.

Urban Greens are proudly Australian owned. Their focus is on creating meaningful gifts that are purposeful, sustainable and gratifying. Gifts that make a difference to our planet. Suitable for young and old, those who have a large garden or just a windowsill. Urban Greens Seed Balls are just the tip of the iceberg lettuce! Urban Greens make grow kits to suit every lifestyle; delicious fresh herbs and culinary flowers, organic, caffeine-free herbal teas and other delectable delights. 

Browse our full range of Urban Greens grow kits, gardening tools and more! 

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