Recycling @ Ecolateral

Ecolateral supported recycling programs

We have partnered with a number of organisations to serve as drop off points across Adelaide for items that are not easily recycled in your kerbside recycling bin.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our store, there is a full list of suggested recycling options at the end of this page. 

silicone recycling program

NEW Ecolateral Agreena Silicone Program

Accepted items including clean ANY BRAND:

  • Agreena wraps
  • Silicone baking sheets and muffin trays
  • silicone pieces of utensils

Items NOT accepted include:

  • non silicone items such as plastic
  • commercial quantities of silicone
  • building and tradies silicone
  • mixed material items
  • menstrual cups

terracycle dental products recycling

Terracycle Colgate Oral Care Program

Accepted items include ANY BRAND:

  • Toothpaste tubes and caps – please cut in half and rinse out
  • Floss containers
  • Toothbrushes
  • Electric toothbrush heads 

Items NOT accepted

  • Toothbrush outer packaging and boxes – place these in your kerbside recycling bin
  • Electric toothbrush bodies and charging bases – these are included in a separate collection program, see below

terracycle writing instrument recycling program

Terracycle Writing Instruments Recycling

Accepted items include ANY BRAND regardless of their composition:

  • Pens
  • Felt tips
  • Highlighters
  • Markers
  • Correction fluid pots (must be empty)
  • Correction tape
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Eraser pens 

Items NOT accepted

  • Wooden pencils
  • Crayons
  • Chalk
  • Glue sticks
  • Erasers
  • Rulers
  • Other cutting objects

Terracycle Razor Recycling Program

Terracycle Razor Recycling Program

The program accepts all brands of blades and razors (refillable and disposable products, and replaceable-blade cartridge units). Once collected, the razor blades and their packaging are separated in to their component materials. Plastics are cleaned and pelletised to be recycled into new products, and metal materials are sent for smelting and conversion to new alloys.

Items accepted include ANY BRAND:

  • All brands of blades and razors (refillable and disposable products, and replaceable-blade cartridge units)
  • Rigid plastic packaging
  • Flexible plastic packaging

Items NOT accepted include:

  • Cardboard and paper packaging which is recyclable through kerbside collection

bread tag recycling

Aussie Bread Tags For Wheelchairs

All our stores are approved collection points for the Aussie Bread Tags For Wheelchairs program. The tags are sent to Robe, South Australia where Transmutation turns them into bowls, serving platters and coasters. We then buy the completed products back from Transmutation for sale in our stores … talk about circular economies!!

The money Transmutation pays Aussie Bread Tags For Wheelchairs for the bread tags is used to purchase wheelchairs for people in need in South Africa.   

Items accepted include ANY BRAND:

  • Any size PLASTIC Kwik Lok bread bag closures

Items NOT accepted include:

  • Bread bag closures made from materials other than plastic
  • Wire based (freezer bag style) ties

image showing two electric toothbrush bodies, one white and one black. An electric toothbrush charging base and cable is displayed in the  background

Terracycle Electric Toothbrush Recycling

Items accepted include ANY BRAND:

  • Electric toothbrush handles and electric toothbrush bases. 

Items NOT accepted include:

  • Electric toothbrush heads,  please place these in the Dental Program collection bin 
  • Extra batteries

plastic lid recycling

Drink Bottle Lids Recycling Program

Lids need to have have foam inserts removed and must be cleaned/washed and dried. Lids are recycled in Adelaide at YCR Recycling

Items accepted include:

  • Plastic lids from  soft drink bottles, milk bottles, and juice bottles displaying #2 ♴ and #4 ♶

Items NOT accepted include:

  • Metal bottle lids, vegemite and jar lids, pop tops, any non #2 and #4 bottle lids

makeup packaging recycling

NEW Ecolateral ANY BRAND Makeup Recycling

Items accepted include ANY BRAND makeup packaging:

  • Droppers
  • Lip balm
  • Empty lipstick tubes
  • Compacts
  • Colour pallets
  • Mascaras 

Items NOT accepted include:

  • Single material plastic or glass bottles  – these to in kerbside recycling
  • Cardboard and paper packaging – these go in kerbside recycling
  • Trigger spray units
  • Plastic tubes (single materials) including caps and lids. Tubes need to cut in half and rinsed before putting in kerbside recycling. Caps can go in our lids recycling program or collected in a larger plastic bottle then put in to kerbside recycling. 
  • Pump units

ecolateral deodorant recycling program

NEW Selected brands DEODORANT recycling

Ecolateral will receive mixed material deodorant containers for brands that we sell

Accepted items include deodorant containers from the following brands:

  • Weleda
  • Alaffia
  • Black Chicken
  • Crystal
  • Mr Pitts
  • Detox A Pit
  • Om Made
  • A Bit Hippy
  • Biologika
  • Woohoo
  • 808 Dude
  • Earths Purities

Items NOT accepted include:

  • sprays
  • no pong tins (see the separate No Pong program)
  • single material plastic bottles (recycled these kerbside)
  • compostable deodorant wrappers (eg Ethique)

Skincare and makeup tubes

NEW Skincare and Makeup Tubes Program

These items CAN be recycled through kerbside recycling if contained within a plastic milk or juice bottle. However our program ensures that your tubes end up getting recycled correctly through YCA recycling.

Items accepted include:

  •  Emptied, and cleaned out single material plastic tubes with lids removed

Items NOT accepted:

  • The lids from these tubes need to go in your small plastics collection bottle and placed in to kerbside recycling when full
  • Metal tubes
  • Toothpaste tubes
  • Tubes still containing product, or that haven’t been cut opened and cleaned

plastic pumps recycling

NEW Ecolateral Pumps and Sprays Recycling

We’ve launched a new program specifically for pumps and sprays

Items accepted include:

  • Clean pumps and sprays

Items NOT accepted include:

  • The bottles that these sprays and pumps have come on. Put these in your kerbside recycling
  • Nasal sprays
  • Droppers

Preserve Shaving Handles

Preserve Shaving Handles are made from #5 polypropylene, and are recyclable through Preserve’s Gimme Five program.

Items accepted include:

  • PRESERVE BRAND shaving handles

Items NOT accepted include:

  • Razor blades of any type

No Pong tin recycling

No Pong Tin Containers

Return your empty No Pong tins to us for recycling through the No Pong recycling program. 

Accepted items include:

  • Empty, clean No Pong containers

Items NOT accepted include:

  • Dirty No Pong containers, or containers with product still inside

Go Eco Brand Essential Face Glass Jar Return for Discount

Return your Essential Face glass jars and receive a $1 discount on your next Essential Face purchase


Please note that Ecolateral no longer accepts textiles for recycling. We had to close this program as we were being flooded by textiles and the textiles program became unmanageable for our small team. Many of the items that were dropped in to us were good quality clothing, suitable for second hand stores.

Alternative collection options:

  • Unwanted clothes that are still good to wear: If you have clothes that are still wearable please take them to your closest second hand store
  • Damaged clothes, scrap material and other fabrics: Retailers H&M and Zara will accept in store drop off of these fabrics. Online shop Upparel will accept fabrics posted to them.  
  • Quilt covers, sheets and towels: The Sheridan Recycling Program will accept donations of any brand at Sheridan boutiques, studios and outlet stores. 
  • Pillows and doonas: unfortunately we aren’t aware of any options for recycling of pillows and doonas. Animal shelters can’t accept them due to health and safety reasons.
  • Bedding for animals: animal shelters will often take towels and bedding. Check with your local animal shelter.
  • Rags for Mechanics: your local mechanic might take clean absorbent fabrics. It’s worth asking them.
  • Commercial quantities: if you have large quantities of clothes of fabrics check to see which organisations might be able to take them.

Items NOT accepted:

  • All textiles


We used to be a collection point for a variety of coffee pod brands. We made the decision to cease accepting coffee pods in 2019, and instead have chosen to educate people about the alternatives to resource-heavy single-use pods. A Nespresso coffee pods recycling service is offered at your local Nespresso store. 

Items NOT accepted:

  • All coffee pods


We used to be a collection point for the Terracycle optical recycling program. When Bausch & Lomb ceases funding the Terracycle program was cancelled and all collection points are unable to receive these items for recycling. We are unaware of any free programs currently operating to recycle contact lenses. Glasses are a much more environmentally friendly option than disposable lenses and we’d encourage you to re-consider moving back to glasses.

Other recycling options

Kerbside Recycling (Yellow lidded bin)

What goes in kerbside recycling bins?

  • Empty rigid plastic bottles and containers. These needs to be rinsed and cleaned.
  • Clean cardboard and cardboard.
  • Clean steel tin cans, aluminium cans and aluminium foil (needs to be scrunched in to a ball the size of a tennis ball). 
  • Glass bottles and jars including for cosmetic products. These need to be clean. Lids can be put separately in kerbside recycling bins. 
  • Empty aerosol cans.

What can’t go in kerbside recycling:

  • plastic toys – Earth911 explains “To recycle children’s toys, you’ll most likely need to break them apart into separate materials. While metal and electronics components can be easier to recycle, toy pieces made of plastic and wood may be more difficult … Recycling plastic toys is difficult. You are unlikely to find municipal programs that accept them. The main problem is identifying what type(s) of plastic the toys are made from.”

    Another option for toys is to buy a Zero Waste toy recycling box from Terracycle.

  • any items that are bagged
  • Soft plastics such as plastic bags, wrappers and food bags
  • Metal cookware such as pots and pans
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Polystyrene packaging
  • Hazardous materials such as paint and household chemicals
  • Household glass
  • Any broken glass including jars and bottles – these should be wrapped carefully in paper/newspaper and put in your landfill bin  
  • Plastic coat hangars – donate these to charity if they are in good condition, otherwise these go in your landfill bin. 

Drink Containers

  • 10c deposit scheme containers can be returned to deposit refund depots in states where deposit schemes operate. 

Other items: A-Z

  • Aerosol cans eg deodorants, body sprays and hairspray – these items can be placed in kerbside recycling bins.
  • Appliances – these can be dropped in collection bins at Bunnings locations.
  • Batteries – standard household batteries may be recycled at Aldi stores or Ikea stores. Lead Acid Batteries may be recycled at Century Yuasa locations.
  • Blister packs from medicine – if you are able to separate foil from the plastic then the plastic component can be placed in kerbside recycling. Foil needs to be collected together and recycled with other aluminium. Leftover human medicines need to be returned to any pharmacy for recycling so they don’t enter the environment. Leftover pet medicine can be returned to any veterinarian clinic.  
  • Child Car Seats – In South Australia child car seats may be dropped off at the RAA depot at Mile End. There is a fee charged by RAA for this service. 
  • Cooking Oil – small amounts of cooking oil can be mixed with organic matter and put in compost or Green Matter collection bins (in council areas that offer green bin services).
  • Decorations – unless you specifically buy compostable decorations, most are made from mixed materials that cannot be separate for recycling. There is a risk that decorations like tinsel may get stick in the machines that sort recycling. Most decorations need to be put in your landfill bin. Plastic or artificial christmas trees should be cut or broken in to smaller pieces before being placed in the landfill bin. Natural christmas tree decorations can be treated as garden waste. if your decorations are still in good condition consider reusing them next year, or alternatively give them to a charity or second hand shop. To avoid decorations that would ultimately end up in landfill consider making decorations from compostable materials like recycled paper or used greeting cards, or natural materials like pinecones, gum-nuts and leaves for a great kids activity!
  • Drinking Glasses – these can not be place in kerbside recycling and need to be put in your landfill bin.
  • Exercise equipment – if your equipment is still in good condition then sell it on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. If it is no longer useable then it can go our for hard rubbish collection if your council offers that service.
  • Eye Glasses – these can be taken to OPSM stores for recycling under the OneSight program. Alternatively Lions Clubs offer glasses recycling with their Recycle for Sight program.
  • Feminine hygiene programs – these items must not be flushed down the toilet, and instead they should be wrapped in paper and place in your landfill bin. Instead of using single use items consider reusable items like Hannahpad menstrual pads or menstrual cups.
  • Film/photo negatives – these can not be recycled and need to be placed in your landfill bin.
  • Food Waste – If you live in a council area that provides a Green waste bin then food scraps may be placed into that bin, either loose, wrapped in newspaper or in Australian made Biobag compostable bags. If you’ve got the space then consider recycling your food scraps at home. Home composting is a responsible way of utilising your waste at home and your garden will love you for it. If your council does not yet have food recycling through its Green Organics bin service, and you can’t compost at home you will need to put this waste into your landfill waste bin. 
  • Glow Sticks – these need to be placed in your landfill bin
  • Green Organic Garden Waste – these can either be composted at home or placed in your green organics bin. Branches put in to green organics bin should be smaller than 15cm diameter and 60cm in length.
  • Grocery Items – Unwanted food items that are still good can be donated to Foodbank. If you have food that can’t be donated then empty the contents in to your green organics bin. Recyclable packaging can go in to the yellow kerbside recycling bin, or dropped off at REDcycle soft plastics recycling stations. Any packaging that is mixed materials and can’t be recycled then it should be put in your landfill bin.
  • Irrigation Pipe – garden watering pipe, drip line and poly pipe are not able to be recycled. These need to be cut in to short lengths and placed in the waste bin.
  • Kitty Litter – Certified compostable kitty litter and pet waste can be put in your green organics bin (if your council accepts food waste). If it is not compostable you need to put it in your landfill bin. 
  • Light Globes and Fluoro tubes – Mitre 10 stores offer a recycling program for domestic (small) quantities of light globes. Collection points are usually at the service counters of your local Mitre 10.  
  • Menstrual Cups – many domestic silicone products can now be recycled at Ecolateral stores, however we do not accept menstrual cups. We are in the process of negotiating a recycling option for silicone menstrual cups and will update this page once that is in place. 
  • Mobile Phones – the mobile muster program takes mobile phones for recycling.
  • Nappies – There are no brands of compostable nappies on the market that can completely break down in commercial composting. Nappies go in the General Waste bin.
  • Newspaper – clean newspaper goes in to your kerbside recycle bin
  • Mirrors – these can not be recycled and must be put in to your landfill bin.
  • Paint – Bunnings Warehouse regularly hosts one day collection events for unwanted paint. Check the Bunnings Warehouse website or your local store for details. Alternatively the Paint Back program offers other collection points for paint recycling. 
  • Paper and paper bags – these can be placed in your kerbside recycling bin.
  • Paper, shredded – if you only have a small quantity of shredded paper you can mix it with green waste and put in to your green organics bin. People who have chooks or rabbits may take your shredded paper for nesting. Shredded paper contained within a paper bag can be placed in your kerbside recycling bin.
  •  Pencils – these can go in your green organics bin. 
  • Pens and markers – see above for our Writing Instruments recycling program
  • Phone Books – these go in your kerbside recycling bin
  • Pizza Boxes – if pizza boxes are clean they go in your kerbside recycling bin. If your pizza boxes are greasy or contaminated with food scraps they can go in your green organics bin. 
  • Plastic bubble wrap – this can go with your soft plastic to a Recycle collection station at your local supermarket.
  • Polystyrene – there are no kerbside recycling options for polystyrene. In Adelaide household quantities of polystyrene can be dropped off to the Edinburgh North Resource Recovery Centre, any day of the week. For polystyrene recycling options in other areas of Australia reach out to your local council. 
  • Printer and Toner Cartridges – There are several options for printer and toner cartridge recycling. Officeworks and Cartridge World both offer recycling services. Most Australia Post offices are collection points for the Planet Ark Close the Loop cartridge recycling program.  
  • Retail Receipts – Most retail receipts are laced with BPA and are not recyclable. If the wording on your receipt is printed in then it is not recyclable and need to be put in your landfill bin. If your receipt is printed in purple ink then it may be printed on plain paper and can be put in to your recycling bin. Responsible retailers will offer to email you receipts instead of printing them.
  • Rope – rope needs to go in your landfill bin.
  • Rubber – this goes in your landfill bin.
  • Shampoo & Conditioner bottles – clean empty plastic bottles can be put in your kerbside recycling bin. 
  • Smoke Detectors – although smoke detectors contain trace amounts of radioactive material smoke alarms go in your landfill bin. You can read more information about the radioactive material in smoke alarms here.  
  • Tampons – see ‘Feminine Hygiene Products’
  • Tea Light Candles – these go in your landfill bin.
  • Tissues – paper towel and tissues can go in to you green organics bin. If your council does not provide you with a green organics bin then tissues should be put in your landfill bin.
  • UHT and Tetra Pak cartons – Plastic parts (lid and spout) of the container need to be removed from the carton and collected with other small pieces of plastic (eg other lids) in a plastic juice or milk bottle. Once the plastic bottle is full it can be put in your kerbside recycling bin. The rest of  Tetra Pak carton can be put in your kerbside recycling bin.
  • Wine Bottles – although these can go in your kerbside recycling it is better to save these up and take these to your local container collection depot with your 10c containers. There is a better chance of these reaching a glass recycling centre unbroken if they don’t go in kerbside recycling.
  • Wine Corks –  if you can’t find a school or kindy that will take your corks for craft purposes then corks need to go in your landfill bin.
  • Wooden Pallets – contact the supplier for collection, or break down and put in your green waste bin.
  • X-Ray Film – all Red Cross second hand stores are registered collection points for the collection of X-rays for recycling.  

Please note that list has been compiled to provide as a guide only and accuracy can not be guaranteed. Information should be verified with your local council or any organisation listed above.

We will regularly add to this list as more recycling options become available.