5 Ways To Create A Sustainable Hair Care Routine

Woman putting up hair with Kooshoo plastic free hair tie
Image Credit: Kooshoo

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Is it time to rethink your hair care routine? Swapping out conventional, supermarket-bought hair care products for natural, low waste alternatives is better for your hair, the planet, and your pocket in the long-run. Let’s dive into our top five tips and product recommendations to establish a sustainable hair care routine!

1. Eco-Friendly Shampoo & Conditioner

When we’re looking at building a sustainable hair care routine, we should focus on two key aspects: ingredients, and packaging. Why? Well, the products that you use in your hair care products should contain ingredients that are beneficial for your hair (organic, non-toxic, and naturally-derived). Ideally, the product’s packaging should be refillable, reusable, recyclable, compostable, or completely zero waste.

Your choice of shampoo and conditioner is a great place to start! It’s the foundation of your hair care routine, so it’s important to take some time to choose products that work for your hair and fit into your lifestyle. Recently, we put together a blog called Good, Better, Best | Sustainable Shampoo & Conditioner Options. This features a range of eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner options — from natural liquid options and concentrates, all the way to zero waste bars! If you’re not sure which eco-friendly shampoo or conditioner to use in your new routine, definitely take a peek at our blog.

2. Plastic-Free Hair Ties & Scrunchies

Have you ever thought about the life-cycle of your hair ties and scrunchies? Hair ties are notorious for vanishing into thin air, but unfortunately, they can remain in landfill for a very long time — up to 500 years! This is because conventional hair ties and scrunchies contain non-natural materials, including oil-derived polyester fibres and synthetic rubber. These materials don’t break down naturally, so instead, we recommend swapping to plastic-free hair ties and scrunchies! 

We’re absolutely loving our NEW upcycled Eco Hair Ties, which are made from discarded inner tubes from bicycles. Cool, right? These stretchy black hair ties are fantastic to tie up thicker hair or to secure hair during sports or water-related activities, like surfing.

Another favourite is the Kooshoo Organic Plastic Free Hair Ties, which are 100% plastic free and biodegradable. They’re made with two simple materials: Fair Rubber Association certified natural rubber, and GOTS and Fairtrade Certified organic cotton.

Lastly, we have Loom Designs Handwoven Hair Scrunchies, which are hand-made in Laos with naturally-dyed cotton. Each one of these durable, chunky scrunchies is 100% unique!

3. Bamboo Hair Brushes & Combs

We love bamboo hair brushes and combs for a few different reasons. Did you know that bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world? This renewable resource can be harvested again and again without the need for toxic pesticides or manual reforestation. Unlike plastic, bamboo is 100% biodegradable at the end of its life — so it won’t sit in landfill for centuries. Plus, bamboo has a neutral or negative charge, so it won’t make your hair staticky or frizzy!

Two of our most popular options are the Bass Large Oval Bamboo Hair Brush and the Bass Bamboo Square Paddle Hair Brush, which are perfect for everyday de-tangling and styling. These large brushes can be used wet or dry without snagging. Again, from Bass, we have the Wide & Fine Tooth Bamboo Comb, which features both wide and narrow teeth to use for many different hairstyles.

To pop in your handbag before you head out the door, we love the MiEco Bamboo Hairbrush (Small). This stylish, lightweight hair brush is extra gentle on your hair and scalp!

4. Non-Toxic Hair Styling Products & Dry Shampoo

When we think of conventional hair styling products and dry shampoo, we tend to think of chemical-laden aerosols and overwhelming fragrances. Not to mention the excessive sneezing and coughing! Nowadays, thankfully, we have a broader range of natural hair styling products, hair treatments and dry shampoos to choose from. These products contain naturally-derived ingredients and are free from common nasties that you’d find in cheap, conventional hair products. For example: sulfates, PEGs, parabens, mineral oils, propylene glycol, phthalates and artificial fragrances/dyes. These harsh chemicals tend to mimic the look and feel of clean, healthy hair. Over time, however, they can damage the hair shaft and leave you with dry, brittle hair.

Here at Ecolateral, Giovanni is our go-to hair styling brand! Their high-quality, salon-inspired products are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and gentle on your hair and scalp. We promise that the Giovanni LA Hold Hair Spritz will become a staple in your hair care routine. This hair spray provides maximum hold and extra shine (minus the crunchiness!).

To add major volume and a lived-in texture, we love the Giovanni Hair Mousse Styling Foam. This natural mousse can be distributed through damp or dry hair to ensure a medium-to-firm hold.

If you’re a fan of the blow dryer, straightener or curler — you definitely need the Giovanni Ultra Moist Protective Leave-In Spray! This deep conditioning spray protects the hair shaft from extreme heat and breakage with nourishing Avocado Oil and Olive Oil.

One of our favourite NEW aerosol-free dry shampoos is by A Bit Hippy. This gorgeous, non-drying formula contains Australian Olive Clay to absorb excess moisture, oils, debris and odour from your scalp. Sprinkling it evenly on your roots also adds instant texture and volume, so it’s a quick fix for those mornings when we wake up with limp, oily hair!

5. 100% Organic Hair Colour

A major part of a sustainable hair care routine for some people is hair colouring. A freshly dyed head of hair can make us feel super confident and on top of the world… until we realise that our hair is fried! Whilst it’s impossible to dye your hair without chemicals, natural hair colouring products tend to contain fewer harsh chemicals (like PPD, ammonia or peroxide). Instead, these organic box dyes — like the Radico Organic Hair Colour — contain ayurvedic, natural and organic herbs to effectively cover greys and enhance the hair’s natural colour.

The Radico Organic Hair Colours give up to 4 weeks of stable, semi-permanent coverage and a gorgeous, long-lasting shine. At Ecolateral you’ll find 12 natural colours in our everyday range for you to choose from: Champagne Blonde, Wheat Blonde, Golden Blonde, Reddish Blonde, Auburn Red, Wine Red, Light Brown, Copper Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Mahogany, and Soft Black. And if you need another colour from Radico we can get it in for you, just ask one of our team to help you with that.